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A couple of puppy questions....

Hi everyone. I have a couple of questions I wanted to put to you all regarding my first GSD pup in quite a few years....

Firstly, we're having real problems potty training. When he was first bought home at 8 weeks, we used to lay newspaper in the conservatory for him. I took this up after a few weeks as wanted to get him used to using the back garden. Anyway, he still seems to remember that the conservatory was the place to potty and so he still goes in there unless I'm watching him non-stop. Any ideas how I can get him out of this? (he's now 15 weeks btw so I'm not expecting miracles but would just like the accidents to slow down a little!).

The second question is re. exercising. We take him out 2/3 times a day usually for 10 minutes or so at a time. At what age should I be upping the distance/time walking? Don't want to over-exercise him now but also conscious about under-exercising too.

Thanks everyone! Look forward to some advice
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