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Default Female with domanance issues.(Long post)

This is Storm a 4 year old working line GSD that I rescued from a shelter, I am her 3rd owner both previous owners said she was too much to handle. She also attacked and killed a small dog at the shelter. They were going to euthanize her but one of the employees called me and asked if I would give her a chance.
As soon as I got her home she immediatly started posturing and trying to dominate my other 2 GSDs, I stopped her and continue to stop her every time she tries this. She has since stopped doing this with my male but continues with my female. She and my 3 yr old female fought yesterday while I was away and my wife was alone with them. My wife had to smack them with a broom to get them to stop. My female avoids her but she seeks my female out and postures and mounts her every time she thinks no one is watching. Im thinking maybe an e collar to stop this but Im not a behaviorist and would like the opinion of someone who has delt with this before. We have been keeping her crated while we are not activly watching them.
Storm is an Alpha female that actually raises her leg to pee and marks her territory like a male. My male pays her no mind but she dosent try to dominate him anymore like she does my female.
She is a great dog other than this. We are progressing greatly with her obedience training and she absolutly loves to work. She also loves people and wants to be with me wherever I am. Is this domanance issue curable or do I need to keep them separate and find her a new home where she is the only dog?
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