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Over excitement

Hello, my name is Bish and Iíve only just come across this forum and registered.
Iíve got a desexed four year old short haired German Shepherd named Leo. Heís a very well behaved pet and a joy to be around! I got Leo from a licensed breeder with all the paperwork. Iíve taken Leo to puppy school, then obedience classes and finally took him to an advanced class where he learnt to heel and recall in addition to other things all off lead.
Ever since we used to go to classes, all the trainers quickly pointed out that Leo was a very hyperactive dog, to the extent that when they would tell other members that they should used a high pitched tone with their dogs to excite them, they would turn around to me and tell me to try be as boring as possible when giving commands or playing with Leo as heís already overly excited. No amount of exercise, fetch or any sort of game would exhaust him, heís always willing to keep playing and go for long walks. I must admit that Iíve noticed that he has started calming down a lot more with ago though.
My query is in regards to when I go out to take him for his walk or even when I go out into the back yard where his kennel is. As soon as I walk out and he seeís me itís almost as if he gets possessed! He starts panting very very heavily like heís run a marathon, starts running around and doesnít know how to contain himself! Iíve tried going out and ignoring him until he calms down before I give him any attention or before we set out on our walk, what happens is that he would start to calm down after a good 10-15 mins, but as soon as I acknowledge him or he notices that weíre about to go for the walk itís back to square one again. Iíve tried doing this exercise for almost 2 hours once but still he would get excited and start the heavy panting again. Has anyone experienced that sort of behaviour before or can please provide any advice on what I can do? In case it helps, he gets fed once a day and its usually a mix of dry food and canned dog food/mackerel/raw minced meat.
If the answer is walking him more often or more exercise thatís ok, but I just want to know how to get him in a calm state as soon as I step into the backyard and he sees me before we go on our walk....

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