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Too attached to my other dog

Well this makes me feel like a failure, but Kaiser is definitely too attached to Pookie. The handful of times my friend and I have taken them out on a walk together, if Pookie is even slightly ahead of him, he feels the need to forge ahead to catch up. If you try to get more then 5 feet away with Pookie he starts crying nonstop in distress and pulling to catch up. He is so loud that people don't want to come near us because they think he's being aggressive.

On the flip side if he is ahead of us, no matter the distance, he is fine. He may turn around to see where Pookie & I are, but no distress calls. If I walk him by himself he's fine. If I walk them together by myself he's fine. Pookie doesn't give a hoot whether or not he's around. She's a happy camper as long as she is with me.

What should I do to calm him down and not care as much? I've thought about trying LAT with Pookie at a (very far) distance, but I don't have another person on hand very often to ask for help so I'm not sure if I could do it often enough to make a difference.


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