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My dog is 11 months old and suddenly started limping yesterday. It started when we were sitting on the couch and I was touching his paw like I have been off and on the last couple months to get him used to me handling them so I can clip his nails. I let go of his paw and turned to watch T.V. and about a minute later he started yelping and jumped off the couch, limping. After a minute or so he was fine, but he limped off and on all day, when he sits he won't put much weight on it. I've moved the paw since then, he doesn't seem to be in any pain when I touch him, he hasn't really acted any different, still eating and drinking as normal, still very playful, ran in circles in the snow for 10 minutes this morning, but today I've noticed he still has a slight limp and favors it when he sits. Should I wait and see for a bit longer or does he need a vet?

This is a picture I took of him today, I don't notice any swelling or anything, and he seems to be standing just fine
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