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Jaeger and the cats

Jaeger is just six months old and, while he has never been aggressive towards our three cats, he of course has wanted to play with them since he got here. Our three cats have dealt with this in various ways, Buffy by whacking him hard on the nose and making him cry (she's crabby), Henri by always controlling the rules of the game (I'll play only when I am up on the chair and can punch you in the nose . . .no teeth or claws), and Spink . . .

Spink is the kitty I was worried about. He's my big burly manx with a big gentle heart. He's a very serious guy. He never defends himself. He cries piteously when he doesn't like what another animal is doing, but he won't put a claw on anyone. I was worried that Jaeger would be too rough with Spink and Spink wouldn't ever make it clear to the pup that he needed to be careful. So I've watched them carefully. Mostly Spink just avoided Jaeger early on because he was SO rambuncious. That made me sad because Spink needs attention too, and I'm with Jaeger so much of the time.

So tonight I was at the computer and noticed Jaeger wasn't right here beside me. He sometimes goes across the hallway to the bedroom and lies on his bed when he is tired, so I looked there. There was Jaeger, lying on his bed WITH SPINK LYING NEXT TO HIM. Smiling. (Spink has a lovely kitty smile when he chooses to use it,)

I underestimated them both.
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