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Originally Posted by DunRingill View Post
I have a dog who was extremely sensitive to lights and shadows. After a friend saw her reaction to a flashlight (HI Christine!) she said we should be very careful about that. We were....we avoided using a flashlight around her, and if we saw her getting too focused on a shadow or light flash we distracted her right away. Did a recall and rewarded with a treat or toy, gave her something to distract her from the shadow. That dog is now quite elderly (14 years 8 months) and we STILL don't use flashlights right around her, tho we can be a lot closer since she can't see as well
I find this so very interesting! You found the source of her reactivity and changed (or modified) that. You didn't correct the behavior and expect instant results. To me, that is what a GREAT dog handler is supposed to do.

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