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Originally Posted by marinelle View Post
A firm no has done nothing to change this.
Here's a really important bit of training advice....keep this in your mind, remember it. I'm not being flip here.

"NO" is not a command. Telling the dog "No NO NO" doesn't tell them what TO do. Same with using their name non-stop...."max Max MAX MAAAAX" doesn't give the dog a clue as to what they SHOULD do to make you happy. Dogs learn very quickly to ignore their name, and that's exactly what you DON'T want to happen.

I have a dog who was extremely sensitive to lights and shadows. After a friend saw her reaction to a flashlight (HI Christine!) she said we should be very careful about that. We were....we avoided using a flashlight around her, and if we saw her getting too focused on a shadow or light flash we distracted her right away. Did a recall and rewarded with a treat or toy, gave her something to distract her from the shadow. That dog is now quite elderly (14 years 8 months) and we STILL don't use flashlights right around her, tho we can be a lot closer since she can't see as well

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