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E Collar Questions

I have a 10 month old pup that is a bit of a handful at the moment. Before making the splurge to buy an e-collar, I'd like to know if an e-collar could potentially correct some of the behaviors she has.

We've gone through obedience classes and she seems to forget anything she's learned when she sees someone new or when she gets distracted. Alone, she's obedient. We'd like to have her calm down in these situations instead of bouncing off the walls.
She barks at the fence like crazy when she sees another dog walk by. Nothing will stop her from pacing the fence and barking. She wants to play with the dog, it doesn't seem agressive at all.
She also has an obsession with shadows. At a young age someone exposed her to a laser light and I think that's the reason she's hyperaware of shadows and lights. She constantly digs at the kitchen floor when she sees a beam of light, and she'll chase a reflection of light up the wall. A firm no has done nothing to change this. She's been doing this for a couple months.
I also want to work on her recall. We play fetch almost every day but I live near a busy road and I get worried that she'll see something that will make her zoom across that road.

Please don't criticize me: I want to be educated, and I want to have the best relationship with my dog. All these behaviors are driving both of us crazy.
If these behaviors can be fixed with a collar, what brand do you recommend? She's about 75-80 pounds now.
Thank you.
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