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Confident , or Worthless Protector?

Some of the recent aggression threads have interested me. The other night I was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign (let go with a warning, thankfully!). My 4 year old GSD didn't even look at the policeman. Nothing. It was dark, and late, and here was a stranger at my window. After we pulled away, I just laughed at her and said "some protector you are." At home, you can't get to my front door without her sounding ferocious. If the policeman had had a dog with him, she'd have gone through the window to get to the dog (she hates other dogs). So, would we say I have a confident dog or one who is just not going to protect me since the stranger at my window didn't bother her? I notice that people walking by my parked car never bothers her, but if we see a dog out walking, she will go bananas, and I have to make sure I quickly roll up my windows. It doesn't matter, I love her dearly either way! Just thought it would be an interesting question. Thanks.
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