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Choice of protection sport - Newbie question.

Hi there,
In order to combine fun and working, I will likely enroll in a protection sport with our future GSD. And if I am to do that, it may as well be useful should a real life situation happen.
I do not know much about dog protection sports but I noticed that interestingly, dogs doing Shutzhund are usually trained to bite the arm that does not carry the weapon. This seems counter-intuitive as the aggressor could stil use the weapon to hurt the dog or its owner. Every time I see a Schutzhund video, I can't help but to think that if that stick and aggressor were real, the dog would sustain considerable damage.
Is there a protection sport that would be more adapted/useful in real-life situations?
Also, what is the recommended age to start training (and should it be preceded by some sort of basic obedience training)?

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