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Salmonella/Other Bacteria and Humans

Hi everyone! I'm new here... Hopefully getting our pup at the end of January. The breeder we are talking to is weaning the puppies onto a raw diet and after reading about it we would like to continue that. I thought my question would be quite common, but I searched and couldn't find it... So maybe I'm just being a freak....

My question is this - after my dog eats and he goes sniffing around, licking the floor, people's hands, faces, etc, don't I need I worry about the people getting salmonella??? Or the house being covered in it???

It's not really feasible to follow him around sprung everything he touches and making sure he leant give visitors kisses... Is this not s problem?

Please ease my mind about this and also help me explain to visitors why they don't need to worry....

Thank you!!!
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