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Specialist in Houston?

I was hoping to never have to post anything in this section of the forum, but I come to you all today looking for help.

Jade was spayed yesterday and while she was under I had them do an x-ray of her hips. The results were not exactly what I had hoped for.

A little background, when my husband and I bought Jade my in-laws bought her sister and litter mate Zoey. They are both very sweet dogs and get to play together every few weekends for a few hours. Zoey was spayed a few weeks ago and they had her hips x-rayed only to discover that she has hip dyspepsia. The girls are just about 7 1/2 months old. Needless to say I have been a little bit of a nervous wreck waiting for Jades results. Thankfully they are not as bad as her sisters, but they are still not good. I don't have a picture of the x-ray, the vet doesn't currently have to capability to make me a digital copy of the image and I forgot to take a picture while I was there, or I would post it for you opinions. The vet told me that the sockets are nice and smooth on Jade, but that the head doesn't fit into the socket nearly far enough. They recommend that after they turn 1 yr old we have them evaluated again, and depending on what we find, the best course of action will be total hip replacement on both sides. I am more than a little devastated.

Knowing what I know now, we would not have bought from the breeder that we did. They were very nice people and we met the father and an older bother and both dogs were very sweet and very good looking. We had planned on getting a GSD and had done a lot of research. When we asked about the parents hips they told us that the parents were not old enough to get evaluated, but that all four grandparents had good hips. I realize now that that isn't good enough.

So my husband and I are starting a cookie jar of savings for the surgery. Our friends think that we are crazy to spend most likely almost $10,000 on this surgery, but Jade is my baby and I will do whatever I need to to make sure she has the best life possible.

Is there anyone who can recommend a specialist in the Houston area? and has anyone done to surgery? Was it worth it? Would you do it again? I am crazy?

Thanks for listening to my rant and I appreciate any feedback you all have.

Jade BN CGC- 05/06/12

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