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welcome to the forum Benny - now on to the issue ", on to the issue. She is 9 months now and quite well trained in the basics such as sit, lay, shake. Hasn't really got a solid recall yet, but am working towards it"

I wish people would start training with the most important things move nicely with manners on lead and the master - control , the all important RECALL first .
The dog came into the world knowing how to sit , how to lay down and the shake is a juvenile teat kneading milk inducing hold over from the time they are 4 - 5 weeks and sitting at mum's milk bar (while she is standing). Cute but don't help you.

The RECALL can be a life saver , walking with manners makes life so much more pleasant - sometimes making the difference whether an owner even continues going out for walks -- but most important is that these two , and later the "stay" establish a RELATIONSHIP to you . You control motion .

It's not too late .


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