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High Prey Puppy

Hi all,

Bit of background information on myself and my new GSD. My name is Ben, 22 years of age and new to this forum. Love GSD's, have always had a fascination of them. "Gemma" is my first shepherd whom we purchased as a pure bred at 8 weeks. I have done a lot of reading prior to and since owning her, and it's never a dull moment having a puppy of her size, but wouldn't have it any other way.

Anyway, on to the issue. She is 9 months now and quite well trained in the basics such as sit, lay, shake. Hasn't really got a solid recall yet, but am working towards it. Is not toy nor food aggressive as she's been well trained to be gentle with both, mostly food though. But, when it comes to little dogs or our cat everything goes out the window...

If her leash is dropped whilst the cat/ other small dogs are around she will chase and pin them down and wrestle at their scruff.. Often causing chaos with other dog owners (which I completely understand) and also stressing myself and my fiancé.

My questions are, will she grow out of this or how can I have more control over her when she is under distraction of this intensity.. Please note- she has some distraction discipline such as opening the gates at home, if she is told to sit and wait she often won't run out the front until I tell her "OK".

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