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Where are you located?

Look At That - I started in my livingroom. Do you have a clicker? It just makes it easier to teach. have her by your side, treats in your left hand. With your right hand, point at something. When she looks, tell her Yes! and treat her at your side. You want her to build muscle memory to turn her head to look at you. Just keep doing this until she voluntarily looks at you and then start marking with Yes! when she looks at you. once she has that down, give it a command of "Look". This will teach her to look at an object and then look at you. Jax has fear aggression with other awesome for her. But you need to find that threshhold point. It could be 50 ft, it could be 10 ft and you need to widdle that down. Start with a car that isnt' moving. Baby steps. It's all about baby steps when there is fear involved.

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