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Puppies will do that. You need to redirect her to appropriate toys to chew instead of your bushes. She spent the first 7 months with no training. Now you have to play catch up with socializing and training.

1) Find a good trainer to teach you!
2) Get a bagful of treats and go sit somewhere that has people. Give them treats to give her. Take her for walks at Tractor Supply and other places where there will be people but won't rush her.
3) Don't leave her in the yard unattended. Get toys to redirect her and toys to interact with her.
4) Teach her Look At That (google that). Find her threshhold with cars. The distance that she can still be calm and have her look at the car and look back at you. I'm sure between the accident and lack of exposure she thinks it's a great big monster come to eat her. You need to desensitize her to the cars.

That's where I would start.

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