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Originally Posted by Amcdonald6104 View Post
I adopted a 7mo old white GS from my vet. She was hit by a car when she was only a month old and has lived in the kennel ever since she is very skiddish around everyone except me. She hides as soon as anyone pulls up at my house. She has started chewing up EVERYTHING in my yard. I haven't gotten her a crate yet but plan to get one soon. Anyone have suggestions on how to stop the destruction??? Also any suggestions on how to get her to become more social with other people than just me? I've never trained a GS before so any advice would be fantastic.Attachment 24460

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They do that usually when they get bored or have a lot of pent up energy. I would not allow her in the back yard unattended and if you cant keep an eye on her you MUST get a crate. I dislike dog runners because the dog may get tangled and hurt when left unattended outside. i have seen dogs break off of the runners too which is not good either. I would also provide tons of chew toys and get apple bitter to spray on objects of interest that she is looking to chew. I kept Kaylee on a lead in the house and in the yard for a very long time. She was very destructive due to her high energy and I sprayed tons of things with apple bitter to keep her mouth away. Once I figured out high energy level games she liked playing her destructive tendencies seem to pass. In the crate she had special crate toys only, in the house she had certain toys, and outside she had her out door only toys. Mostly chew toys she loves to chew and gnaw. Some times I think I have a giant rat running around with all the chewing she does lol.
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