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I've had a Garmin for 3+ yrs and it's fine....but I've gotten lost a few times. Once in Erie, PA(we were looking for a dairy queen and it took us about 5 miles out of our way, very scenic however) and once in GR, MI....took us to a dead end in a hotel parking lot on 28th st after roundabouting the city.
We googled the addy on the Iphone after that and we arrived easily.

Addresses can be confusing....I trust my smartphone more than my Sven/Garmin. But I love Sven's voice~at least I don't feel so alone when I'm travelling. We named the GPS....and it was JUDY with a German voice that got us lost in PA...She wasn't my Garmin, and I swore I'd never let another female direct me. I swore she spit at me more than once while she reacaculated.
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