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Cost for spaying after heat-why do some vets charge more?

Hi All,

Well, Brandy went into heat on Halloween, just one week past her 8 month birthday. She was in it a solid 3 weeks. I wanted to wait for one heat cycle to pass before spaying her for the health benefits I believe it provides large breed dogs. I now have her scheduled for spaying at the end of January. My question is this: Our vet wants to charge us nearly twice as much as my father's vet (my dad looked into it after hearing the cost my vet was charging which is nearly $500). My father respects his vet very much. I believe my vet helped to get Brandy's UTI's under control holistically by a simple food change recommendation so I'd hate to believe he ups prices unnecessarily. My vet claims the additional costs are due to the fact that she went through heat and it requires a different process in the surgery(?)...I have heard that this is a false reason to jack up prices...what is your impression?

Also, our vet will keep her overnight one night while my father's vet sends them home that evening as they feel they do better at home with less stress then being in the kennel at the vet. What is the standard protocal there? I've only ever had boy dogs prior to this and my rescue whom I brought to the vet to be nutured came out that afternoon bouncing like nothing happened!! Our current boy rescue was fixed prior to our adopting him...just not sure with my girl as to what to expect.

Any shared experience/knowledge is greatly aprpeciated!

Thanks so much!
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