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Dry Food - Best? Fromm, Science Diet, Eukanuba???

Igor was on Eukanuba when he was young then I switched to a medicated Royal Canine for adult dogs ith hip dysplasia (higher dosage of glucosamine and chondrotin).

Igor has been on Cosequin DS supplement for his hip displaysia (2 tablets a day) and Welactin Omega-3 fish oil supplement (2 capsules a day), both from Nutramax lab.

I then switched to Science Diet for German shepards as the content was not so different from RC but for a lower price. This month, I switched back to Eukanuba for senior dogs as I wanted to test for some chewing paws and red eyes he was having. No changes there and the Eukanuba has very small pieces which Igor seems to choke sometimes.

I am about to change his dry food as I did not like this Eukanuba. Someone told me about Fromm and its natural ingredients. Have you used that, do you recommend it and which one has the highest contents of glucosamine and chondrotin?

Any other suggestions for a great dry food for a 10 year old shepard with hip dysplasia?
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