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Originally Posted by Switchblade906 View Post
My vet told me that my dog might be developing some allergies because of some scratching and little red spots on her belly. She told me that i could spend close to $300 for blood tests to know exactly what the allergies are or if there are any at all but im not going to spend that kind of money right now. I was reading that dogs have food allergies and grain free foods with fish or duck instead of chicken or beef would help with those allergies.

Is this true? Right now my pup is getting Fromm large breed puppy CLICK HERE

Please let me know what would be a good option or if i should switch at all.
If you like Fromm, you could just switch to the Fromm Four-Star Grain-Free line: Four-Star Gourmet Recipes for dogs - Fromm Family Foods
as that would likely cause minimal digestive upset, and you could see if it solves the problem, before switching to a totally different food line. Just a thought.

The allergy could also be to something other than food. Do you wash your floors or her bedding with any chemicals that might not agree with her? Does she spend time outside in the grass?

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