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How Vocal Should My Puppy Be??

I have a 13 week old sable female german shepherd puppy. I am wondering how vocal should she be?? My puppy displays normal german shepherd talking when we are home - she will talk to my older german shepherd - talk to my husband and I - and talk to the cat as well. My issue is when we go to the pet stores - she gets sooooo excited and her excitedness turns into non - stop yowling, barking, wining, etc. and it is really really loud (it really hurts my ears so I imagine it hurts other peoples ears too)! She will not stop until we leave. I know that shepherds are vocal but how vocal is too vocal?? My vet says that I have been blessed to have one of the most vocal shepherds she has ever seen and that more than likely she will always be that way - she did give me cards for personal trainers that deal with behavioral issues .. (because my pup does get mouthy when I tell her no - but what baby doesnt when they dont get their way). Anyways I want my puppy to be able to go with us everywhere but my fear is that she will not be able too if we don't get her vocalness calmed down a little bit - she is really cute and small right now but I think it may be a different story as she gets bigger.
I have not enrolled her in puppy training yet because I am waiting until she hits 4 months. I also am big on positive reinforcement - treats / petting when calm etc. None of this works at all when she is all wound up at the store - I also do take her for a walk before we go into any store in hopes that she will be calm but that has failed as well. Has anyone else ever dealt with this and if so how do I start the process of toning it down a little bit?? I love my puppy more than anything and want her to be happy, healthy, and be able to go as many places with me as possible
Any information would be greatly appreciated! I just want to have some reassurance that I am not alone in this matter and that hopefully someone may have some tricks to help me correct this... Thanks!!
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