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I do.

I personally do not agree with people new to dogs running this. I am watching my old manager run his business into the ground and ruin his name because he tried to start a boarding facility thinking he knew enough.

Now he has kennel cough infections, giardia, coccidia, worms etc. running around his facility on top of dog fights with no real knowledge as to why, or how to separate let alone prevent this.

Start up cost entirely depends on the type of facility you are doing. How many kennels? Food storage? Grooming room? Play yard(s)? Small supplies.

Cons? Your dogs are more susceptible to getting sick no matter how careful you are. Some idiot WILL bring their sick dog in without a reservation and infect everyone.
Whether your fault or not you get blamed.

People are completely ridiculous in their specifications for their dogs. If you are not used to a customer service job, this will be a big surprise.

Dogs boarding get stressed, stressed dogs destroy things. You must bite the bullet and get top notch sturdy kennels and walls and floors and bowls and an and.

Some people try to board their old dog they think is going to die because they can handle it. You might be stuck dealing with dog deaths.

If you do a good job you have repeat customers every year.
The tax write offs are nice!
A relatively fun and easy job when you know what you are doing.

Tips? Do not get skimpy about drainage. This is the biggest thing with kennels. Make sure your drainage and slopes to the drain are immaculate and perfect. You will regret it more than you know.

Clean clean clean clean clean. Make sure everything ever is easy as cake to sanitize. No room for water to pool or seep under a wall even slightly to risk mold.
GOOD ventilation!
Sound proof!!

Outdoor kennels are loud an echoey. More sound proofing

Textured concrete is harder to clean poop out of. Smooth concrete is slippery and potentially dangerous but easier to clean.

Absolutely no wood in any part of the kennel exposed. It WILL get eaten.
Don't allow the dogs kennels to view roads, driveway, etc. or the barking will never end.

I'm sure there's more but I gotta go scrub my kennels now lol

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