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Originally Posted by Switchblade906 View Post
I think your pup is very cute. What was your issue with her getting one for you?
I think some of my biggest issues were that 1 - I wanted to pick the dog and 2 - I was worried after everything I'd heard on here about back-yard breeders, which is basically where Guinness came from. I guess I just had all those warnings stuck in my head. I gotta say, I really appreciate all the positive responses I've gotten...thank you guys very much. Just to make sure I'm being's not like I yelled at my wife or anything, we had a really good talk about it all and she understood my concerns.

Personality wise...she couldn't have done any better. He does have some anxiety issues today, but I think that's normal. Last night was the first time he'd worn a collar or had a leash on. He does get anxious so far on it, but I'm already seeing great improvement just over the last few hours so that's a great thing. We just got back from taking my step-daughter to work, and he did great riding in the back of the Jeep. Last night, he did get sick on the car-ride home, but it was his first time in a car and it was a 90 minute drive, so that's certainly not his fault. As anxious as he was in his crate last night (even with me sleeping, sorta, on the couch beside him), he just went in there to lay down so I think he's starting to accept that too. I'm so excited to see how quickly he grows and learns.

Pup acquired! Guinness Jakob, born 8-31-12, came home on 12-27-12!
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