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Exclamation Agitation collar to hold IDs or regular leather collar

Bella's padded leather collar which holds all her tags is falling apart. I leave it on all the time. I WALK her on a Herm Sprenger choke. She is 2 1/2 years old now and weighs 77 lbs, 27" tall at the withers and still growing!
She has a retired K9 cop for a trainer who is working on protection work and scent work. She wears a vest sometimes.

WHAT kind of collar should I get for her IDS? She has a very expensive police leash adjustable in length so quality is important.
Can an agitation collar be worn all the time for her tags and IDs?
Or should a high quality regular leather collar be used for IDs? I was intending to buy an agitation collar at some point anyway. Her trainer is away right now so I need advice before her ID collar really disintegrates.
Is it usual to have several collars, agitation for protection work and plain one for IDs constant wear or only use the agitation collar during training? Keep in mind I walk her on the choke, she really has excellent obedience but the choke comes in handy IF you need control in a situation. Advice really needed and appreciated!!!Thanks!!!
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