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Well...this wasn't exactly how I planned things to go...

I'd discussed with my wife about us getting a GSD and she was all for it. I thought I'd made it pretty clear how I wanted to go about getting a pup...but my wife decided she wanted to surprise me this week. Meet Guinness Jakob:

Really needed a bath when we got home...

My hand is not small...he's just got hoof's

Obviously, I've got to work on being the Alpha when it comes to my marriage. A co-worker of my wife knows this amish breeder that's been breeding GSD's for "a while" now and he had a male black & tan born Aug 31st that someone had put a deposit down on but then backed out. When my wife went there, she met the mother who was an absolute sweetheart...very well behaved, great with new people. Guinness is an absolute doll, although (someone confirm here?) quite large for his age, if my scale is right he's about 42lbs. Taking the pup back just isn't an option. 1 - wife is in love with him. 2 - kids are in love with him. 3 - despite my misgivings on how this has come about, I gotta admit I love him already as well. My wife is now clear on why she shouldn't have done it this way, and I'm just going to do everything I can for him to make him the best dog I can.

I'm calling around today to find his first level of obedience training to start ASAP. I've got a buddy with a GSD out in Ohio that is putting his through Schutzhund training that is really pushing for me to try it as well. I'll admit, I'm not as familiar with it as I'd like to be, but it does sound interesting if I can find somewhere relatively near me to do it. My main goal with Guinness is a well-trained family member with perhaps an element of protection...and then to find out what "job" keeps him interested & motivated.

Pup acquired! Guinness Jakob, born 8-31-12, came home on 12-27-12!
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