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New weird night behavior

Hello all! I have a 9 month old female GSD who sleeps in my bedroom at night. I baby gate the door so she cant leave the room. Normally, she sleeps from when we get into the room (around 1030) and sleeps until 6. She wakes up before 6 but doesn't get me up until 6. It's actually pretty amazing, like she can tell time lol. Anyway, the last week she has been restless. She jumps on the bed, jumps off the bed, walks around the room, sniffs my face, etc. She does this for HOURS. I have been taking her outside incase she had to go to the bathroom. She just sits there. She is also very good at listening. This morning around 4 she was doing her restless thing again, so I took her out and she sat outback staring at me. She listens very well to me but this morning she just stared at me and wouldn't come in. I had to go out and get her. I ended up baby gating her in the downstairs bathroom which is where she goes when i am not home. She was fine, didn't bark or anything. Even right now, Daisey is outside and walking around. She normally does her business and wants to come in. I don't get it. Is her new behavior just partnof her personality that is coming out or something? Btw I walk her everyday. Maybe I need to walk her longer? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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