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Your puppy has been surrounded/under/with/ontop of it's mom and littermates 100% of the time it's entire life.

Then we remove it from all that total love and comfort and expect them to be quiet alone in a crate usually at the other side of the house. Extinct tells our puppy, to TELL us they are stuck and can't get out so please come get me!!!!! And if you don't hear them soft they will tell you loud.

Best thing is to deal with the distance so you can reassure them they aren't alone after all and bring the crate into the bedroom beside your bed. If you have a smaller crate it can even be on a chair/table beside you so it's at the same level. But on the floor beside your bed works too. So have a routine at night, puppy in the crate last thing and you may want to put a treat filled kong so they can wind down more, then turn out the light and go to bed. You can talk to reassure, put your hand in the crate to reassure, and generally be right there and get a good nights sleep.

I refer to many of the good tips on ---> and I've raised 4 puppies!


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