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Default Hey NJ people!

OK so I am thinking of going to a different type of trainer, possibly one on one or one of those Dan Gentile two weeks away kinda trainers. (Even though I can not find prices on him ANYWHERE!) I am resorting to this because of my schedule making it so much harder to attend the classes at Clever K9 (who did his puppy kindegarten and I enjoyed them). Plus I am nervous about taking Hero back there because he is much bigger, stronger and less social than when he was a puppy and I think he would be interupting class. I like the people over there but I am not sure what I should do.

So if anyone has central jersey trainers they reccomend I am ALL ears! Or if anyone has dealt with Dan Gentile and doesn't mind telling me the price or their experience? I just want whats best for Hero, and I am not living up to my end of this bargain. He has to be back in class like NOW and I am trying to help but the whole "sit" "down" "leave it" "no" is about all he knows. He walks on a harness fantastically but on a regular collar and leash he is very rude. I know and understand and accept responsibility for all of his behaviors as a lack of my ability and dedication but I was gone for a month and a half because of the hurricane. But now its back into high gear. I am just kinda lost on where to start. I do what I can each day but it isn't nearly enough!
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