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female with pup, approachable? (people won't approach me :( )

I'm a petite woman in my late 20s and I've noticed that when my hubs and I are out together with our pup, lots of people stop to chat, comment on him, pet him, etc. When I'm out alone, almost no one approaches. We've gone to Lowe's together and I've gone myself and the reactions were night and day. Each time we had the pup in the cart. Do you think a couple is more approachable than a female that's alone? My husband thought maybe since more men approached us when we were together that maybe they were uncomfortable approaching a female out alone. Men, would you approach a woman and her dog in a store? Women, have you noticed anything similar? I'd certainly love if when I took him out he "met" more people although I know there is still value in him just observing while it's just me and the pup, even if no one approaches.

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