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Kennel Biter :/ (destroying her teeth in the process)

My youngest (about 2 now) has begun a relatively recent and awful habit...

She is now starting to flip out in her crate. She has chipped 2 teeth now, and is starting to file down her canines (caudal surface, she has ground a line onto each tooth on the side facing the back of her mouth). I am so frustrated! She is ruining her teeth!

She has been OK with the crate since she as ~4mos.

I have Kongs and other toys in there. So far the Kong is the only thing that holds up, but even then she will just get everything out of it within an hour. It quickly becomes useless, and there are days I come home and her Kong is still mostly full. I have tried a plethora of toys, and I learned a few things 1) She apparently CAN shred any of jw's toys 2) the weakness of everything else 3)those everlasting treat balls are a joke 4) Need to buy stock in Kong.

She is left alone for about 6 hours. I know, but it's the best I can do. I tried having someone come let her out/play with her in the middle of the day, but this seems to just piss her off more. I tried coming home to give her a break once, then I had to leave again. She just about destroyed the crate after I left, snapping a weld.

Even worse, her new tooth snap happened after being left alone for ONE HOUR.

I have no idea what to do. I can't afford to drop four figures on a crate, but I know capping her teeth will be just as expensive if not more. I also need to work full time!

I'm thinking of starting to leave her out of her crate, is kind of
just to think about. I have no idea how destructive she will be in the house.


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