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Default Reality check on vaccinations

Beau started out with the regular puppy shots and had his last DHPP at 18 weeks, and his rabies at 16 weeks. The vet at the time did not administer separate combos and the best I could do was keep the rabies separated in time from the DHPP.

Now we are at holistic vet. At 1 year from puppy shots he got his rabies, then his distemper (single vaccine) three weeks later followed by a parvo (single vaccine) three weeks later. No additional adenovirus. Does that sound right.

The Dodds site does not mention CAV-2 in the protocol but I know it is considered core by AAHA due to the immunity it confers for hepatitis.

My gameplan was to do titers in three years from now.
For lepto she is looking into preventive nosodes for me.

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