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Suddenly a picky eater...

Hi all,

I mentioned in another thread that my 4.5-5 month old pup isn't eating properly... feel it's time for a dedicated thread. Liza has been on the same diet all of her short life: raw meat, mostly chicken, mixed with some bones, hearts, liver, etc. and a bit of veggies. This is all ground up, frozen, and sold in large pieces by a local distributor who specializes in making raw dog food. This is what the breeder was feeding her, and what I've fed her. Normally she devours 2.5-3 lbs of this stuff per a 24 hour period.

About a week ago she outright refused to eat one meal, then another. She'd sniff and lick the meat, then turn around and walk away. If I give her any other meat (beef and pork which was previously been frozen for close to a month) she devours it instantly, so there's no loss of appetite, she just doesn't want to eat what she's always been eating.

If I lead her to the food bowl, tap on the bowl a few times with the finger and encourage her to eat, she'll nibble a bit and then turn away. Similarly, I left about half a pound of her meat in a bowl in her kennel overnight, and she ate that by the morning.

I should mention that she's teething - I've found teeth around the house a few times over the last few days, and she's got a bit of blood where the old teeth have come out (visible if she chews on a bone or toy aggressively). Was at the vet a few days ago and she mentioned that Liza has gingivitis (will be starting brushing her teeth now).

Any suggestions for how to get her back to eating her regular meals? I don't give her excessive amounts of treats of snacks, and never any human food.
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