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diarrhea issues in 6 month old male

So Jerry Lee is heading on 7 months old now and we have always battled soft poop with him but seems like lately in the past few weeks it has gone from soft to soft served. It used to be formed but softer than I would hope, and now it's just like soft serve ice cream.

When we got him as a puppy he was on the kirkland signature puppy formula and we switched him to the chicken and rice adult formula with no improvement. The receptionist at the vet said that he may be sensitive to the grains and chicken because her shepherds are the same way when they get any grain or chicken products and she told me to try the Taste of the Wild pacific stream puppy food. Which I did I bought a little bag and he seemed to do better so I bought a 15 lb bag and he still seemed to be doing better and than I went to buy the 30 lb bag and it was $50 and when I went to costco they had basically the same food there and it was a 35 lb bag for $30 so I weaned him slowly onto that food and he seemed to be doing just as well. And our other dog is doing fantastic on it as well.

We are now at the end of our 2nd bag of the Nature's Domain salmon and sweet potato food, Jerry has had no new treats (infact he gets no treats at all besides his food as training treats) and now he is getting soft served ice cream poop. He was on medication for a mass on his toe but he has been off that for a week and a half and his poop wasn't this bad when he was on the medication it has gotten worse since he has been off the medication. He's been on Cephalexin twice a day(every twelve hours) and he was on that for two weeks. As of right now he doesn't sit just to sit he only sits to drag his butt and he just had a fecal sample done two weeks ago and he is on Revolution too which does treat some parasites.

I have taken Jerry to his vet quite a few times for his pooping issues and they said it was normal, than suggested I try feeding him a little less(which ends in him losing weight so I have to up the food back up because he is on the thin side as it is). Than they sell me the science diet a/d canned food which does help him but than when I wean him off we go back to the soft poop and the pooping 5-6 times a day. I have now suggested he see the second vet at the clinic as there is two vets and he has only been seeing the one vet strictly and he has an appointment with the other vet tomorrow morning so they can recheck his torn toenail and I will bring up the poop issue again.

Does anyone have suggestions in the meantime could this possibly be a puppy thing because I am kinda worried about my boy. He seems to be doing ok in the weight department. He is heading in on 7 months and weighs 61 lbs so it's not like he's failing to thrive. In every other aspect he is wonderful he is happy, and loving and just a hyper boy.

I'm wondering if maybe the higher end dog foods aren't settling well with his stomach and some people say they have great success with the purina one sensitive stomach formula but it's only for maintence which he isn't an adult yet so this food isn't appropriate for him yet is it? We have also tried things such as a little pumpkin, yogurt, and probiotics. We have tried fasting and than offering him boiled chicken and rice(which made his stomach issue worse).

He has a vet appointment I was just looking for some other suggestions or maybe someone who had similar problems and what they found helped. We aren't constantly changing his food either he has been on 4 different foods since we got him and we switched him over to the new foods in a period of two weeks to avoid stomach upset. I realize this can't be too easy on our boy.
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