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7 Weeks old from North Houston

We picked up a Pearl, a 4 week old White German Shepherd, 3 weeks ago from a backyard breeder. They had started weening the litter at 3 1/2 weeks on adult canned dog food. I moved her diet over to a weening formula as soon as we got her and started her on softened Bil-Jac large breed puppy food. After a week I incorporated small amounts of raw meat, which I hope to fully transition her to.

On her second day with us she started sleeping in the crate. Since she was so young it made for long nights for myself. I was up every hour with her letting her go to the bathroom and being with her while she was lonely. After a few nights of that she started sleeping longer periods. We had her using puppy pads and newspapers for her business and this worked great. She has never used her crate as a bathroom. I did buy a huge crate but it has a divider that I could section off 3/4 to only give her room to stand and turn.

Right now she is just over 10 lbs. After a bath she has the softest coat. Her ears are beginning to stand up and he is taking on the characteristics of a Shepherd.

For the last 7-10 days I have been charging the dog clicker. She associates that click with a treat quite well. I started working commands today which she is picking up pretty fast. Eye contact (name), sit, stay, and come.

She is now using the potty outside and whines when she needs to go. Hopefully no more accidents inside.
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