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Originally Posted by Gharrissc View Post
There's been some ongoing issues with feral dogs downtown,and while the pack never bothers anyone, there have been some issues with business owners feeding the dogs. There's varying opinions and while some think that the dogs should be helped in some way, others think that business owners who feed them should be fined. I just wanted some opinions.

I think people may mean well,but feeding these dogs can lead to other issues. Some local store owners are saying that they try to feed the dogs to gain their trust.

There used to be a red dog who was always pregnant,but kept a low profile during the day. When she got really hungry though,you would see her running through the neighborhoods the day. Then there was a black male dog who would hang around with her,and probably sired most of the litters.

Last year the red and black dogs were caught along with a few other ferals because they were seen killing a doe. They were taken to shelter and pts.

There was an article in the paper saying that all of the dogs were caught,but there have been some more pregnant females spotted recently.The issue is that these dogs won't come near people and aren't easily caught even with traps.

These dogs have obviously been around for a while and shame on the people who don't feed them, give them water, and/or trap them. Its an ongoing problem and feeding or not feeding them is not the biggest problem here. They need to be taken off the street and either rehabbed or destroyed. I don't blame the dog or dogs for killing the deer, they are trying to survive in a cruel world...what did they do to deserve the life they have? Forget the traps and use tranquilizer guns if need be. This just saddens me, we do not live in a third world country and this kind of stuff shouldn't even be happening.

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