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I had parrots years ago. A blue fronted amazon parrot, a blue & gold macaw and cockatiels. My 2 big birds were not tame when I got them, I thought I could tame them but they were never 100% the cockatiels were absolutely the best as far as temperment. My little parrot, Harley was cool didn't talk much. The macaw was the most destructive, he would chew everything in his way. Unfortunately the mess from feathers & seeds was a lot to deal with. I tried to keep them out of the cages as much as I could. The little guy was cool about hanging out on a perch or on top of his cage but the macaw would wonder and chew anything & everything.
I have heard that African Grey's are the best talkers.
A few years ago a guy we knew became sick and needed to rehome is Cockatoo. I don't remember how old the bird was but not too old. Anyway this guy needed to make sure the bird liked us, he had some quirks about strangers. So my husband and I started visiting them and everything was going good. One day I called and said I was coming over and he told me he woke up and found the bird dead in his cage.
All I could think was thank God that didn't happen after I took the bird to my home.
I would get a bird again as long as it was 100% tame & friendly.

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