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Socialization success

Lately I have had a lot of pride in my 6 month old puppy's temperament and I want to brag about a few instances where she reacted better than expected.

About a month ago we were walking and came upon a neighbor who is mentally handicapped. He is HUGE (he likes football and looks like a linebacker) and always greets/ hugs me since we grew up together. She had met him once before, but this day he was particularly PUMPED UP about a football game he was going to and he started SCREAMING at the top of his lungs/ lunging forwards and back and flailing his arms around which took me completely by surprise and caused several neighbors to come outside and ask if I needed the police.

Maya my puppy just thought he was the COOLEST silliest man on earth and jumped for joy at this huge imposing screaming man's excitement.

We went to meet Santa before Christmas at a very small cramped petstore. She met a ton of new dogs and loved them all. Next to us in line was a yorkie puppy and she entire wait lying down and gently trying to get the puppy to play.

At petsmart a young boy ran over, grabbed Maya and started hugging her. I was taken aback (usually people ask, but this boy seemed to have some disabilities as well) but Maya did fine. He continued to pet and hug her as we chatted and Maya was especially gentle with him.

And lastly, we have been going to our local petsmart since Maya was just a baby so they know us very well. Now when we go and they are having training classes they specifically stop their students and have them interact with Maya since she is a very balanced dog. She has dealt with fearful dogs, yappy pugs and growly chihuahuas in the last week and reacted better than I could have ever hoped for.

I know I have to keep it up, but so far, so good.
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