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Hi from Louisiana - old dog not adjusting well to puppy

Hi. I am the proud new owner of Axel the German Shepherd. He is 7 weeks old and is a smart little thing. He learned to sit in about 3 minutes and never fails. He is doing ok with potty training and crate training. He still whines when I first get him in the crate, but it is all new to him and to be expected. He has had a few accidents, but that is mostly my fault. I have an 18 month old who requires a lot of mommy's attention, so I have been a little late taking him out a few times. I am a single mom and work 8 hr days. I go home on my lunch break and let him out of his crate and outside and my brother goes and lets him out in the afternoon. My problem is my other dog. I have a 5 yr old female chihuahua (Isabella) who tolerates Axel and will even play with him at times. My 3 year old male chi/pom mix (Eddie), however, is NOT happy about our new addition. I have never seen him growl or get upset in 3 years and all of the sudden he is just being mean, even toward Isabella who he has always adored. I dont know what to do to help my Eddie adjust better. I want my sweet boy back and this little demon dog to go!!
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