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What an adorable puppy!!!

Unfortunabely she also sounds 100% normal and bored bored bored. One of the many reasons I space my puppies out 5 years apart is because of the MAJOR LIFE CHANGE I have to do the first year (or so) from what used to be my normal life.

Free time is no longer something I have.

My time is no longer my own but instead I need to take out my calendar and add the 'dog time' . Scheduling the times to pack the pup in the car and socialize with other friends and their dogs. Sign up and attend puppy class to socialize and learn how to keep my puppy practically perfect. Arrange times to get OFF leash activites started (I off leash hikes in the woods, chuckit in large fields, romps with other dogs (many I met in dog classes!).

Your pup is just b o r e d and the best game in town is pestering you or chewing up stuff. I definitely make sure I have toys they can chew in each and every room so I can easily re-direct to what is ok to chew and I may also PLAY with the puppy and the toy for a bit.

There are also interactive toys you can fill with the kibble for their meal that can keep them busy for awhile. You may have to buy larger ones as they grow..

PUPPY CLASSES! EXERCISE OUTSIDE THE HOME! Play play play with your puppy.. Trick training.... Engagement - Key to Training and Teaching a trick is the least important part of teaching tricks

Lot's of great ideas for interactive toys on --> Interactive Dog Toys


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