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Fairly New Puppy Owner

Hi all!
I've been lurking around for a few weeks but decided to sign up today. I got a new GSD puppy a few weeks ago and she's been doing well (mostly) so far but a few of her annoying behaviors I can't seem to curb. She will be 16 weeks on Jan. 7th.

From the beginning:
I got her right at 9 weeks old. Her worst problems from about 9-12 weeks were potty training and crying at night/during the day in her crate. She hasn't had an accident in a while and consistently goes potty right when we go outside. She usually doesn't cry at night and only a few minutes during the day if I have to put her up for a while.

1) Now that she's slightly larger she is starting to jump up on my bed/doors/counters with her front paws. When I push her off and say "NO/Down!" she thinks I'm playing with her and continues to jump up. This has been going on for about two weeks and I've tried giving her a job like "sit" or "get your toy" and usually she will sit or get her toy then jump back up. Anyone have some suggestions? When I get fed up with her jumping up (while I'm trying to shave for instance) I'll grab her muzzle and make her sit/stay with a VERY firm NO!!!! - that usually doesn't help either.

2) She also keeps chewing the fibers out of my rugs. There's a rug under her crate, by the back door, and at the foot of my bed that she CONSTANTLY pulls the threads out of. I've told her no no no no and NO and given her a toy instead but any chance she gets (especially if I turn my back and get on the computer or something) she's back at the rug pulling thread out. She isn't responding to the toy redirection, my verbal commands, OR my 'love taps'

Don't get me wrong she's a relatively good puppy and absolutely LOVES me. She's learned to sit/stay/come (sometimes) and is working on other things like calm down/lay down. I've used the reward system with her and also some "alpha dog" or whatever you may call it where I will smack her muzzle or when she was smaller I'd use her scruff if she repeatedly disobeyed. I'd rather go all reward system but she doesn't respond to some things for rewards like she does others.

ANYWAY, glad to be a new member and I look forward to digging up as much information as I can here. I've already read a lot but it seems like many of the replies are specific to certain circumstances so I posted my own thread.

Thanks everyone!

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