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Frequent collar taps for walks

I got this idea from an old thread, since which the video has been removed, link is below.
When on walks, I will frequently give the dog a short, easy tap with the lead when he is nearing the end of the line or to get him back on track, he will turn his head towards me, I praise, and he will lay off the end for a bit. It does require a deal of management, but it seems to keep him off the end of the lead and his pulling is pretty much zero. Sometimes I couple the tap with his name.
I also do this when I want to keep him in heel position, I use a much more frequent and quicker tap.
We use a slip or a prong collar, depending on his mood, but usually with a prong he will self correct, and a slip does require me to use the tappy method.
My questions: is this good or bad to manage your dog, if it seems like nagging the dog? and does anyone else use this method?

Constant collar corrections while heeling?

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