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Question Meet Orion (experience with a non-puppy "imprinting" ?)

Let's start by saying I certainly did not expect to be visiting on Christmas night-- or ever!

My sister, Jess, is an animal magnet, with a heart big enough to hold all of them. Last week while she was at the vet getting her puppy fixed, she somehow set herself up to help with a GSD rescue transport-- bring him to GA, keep him for a day, then hand him off to someone headed for AL.

Jess got in late the night before Christmas Eve. Yesterday morning I went downstairs. The GSD, Orion, has a history of abuse and neglect and is very skittish around people and loud noises. However when I walked in the room, he came up to me, sniffed, and then climbed on the couch, and put his head in my lap. He has since followed me around and been protective of me around the other dogs. He seems to have formed an instant attachment!

My husband and I can take him in 6 months (our current roommate is allergic) and my sister has volunteered to care for him until then...

What do you think? Does anyone have experience with a non-puppy "imprinting" on someone?

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