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fast potty training?

I just got my 8 week old GSD last night. He hasnt had any training. This morning I woke up and took him outside to potty. He went. Then I've been taking him out about every 45 minutes to an hour since. He piddled 2 times in the house this morning before I caught it. Each time, I picked him up, carried him outside to the potty place. This afternoon, he stopped piddling in the house. Three times now he's run to the back door and I've picked him up and carried him to his potty place. He goes and then runs back inside. Is it normal for a GSD to learn this quickly? I know that he's still going to have accidents for awhile, especially at night, but I'm wondering if this is just a fluke. I've never heard of a dog starting to learn that fast.
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