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Leash question

I bought a GSD puppy when he was 9 weeks old i gave him 1 week in the house to get use to everything around him, when he was 10 weeks i decided to start taking him for walks outside i watched plenty of videos on Youtube and all of the videos said to motivate the dog to follow you i did that it took an hour to go around the block once LITERLY an HOUR, i kept motivating him and to follow me with treats and praise. Today, i tried taking him outside i got frustrated and i started pulling the leash every time he stopped i gave him 5 seconds or so and i pulled him and every time he tries to lay down i pulled him. He moved and was walking with me perfect after that i was happy me and him had a BLAST playing in the back yard runing after each other till i got tierd and went upstairs.

My QUESTION IS: Was what I did bad to pull him every time he stopped? Please i need an experienced person to answer my question am new to owning a GSD or any dog

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