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11 Weeks Need help training

Hi everyone,

I purchased my first dog yesterday and I need some help with the basics such as potty training, heeling, and teaching him its name.

So far for potty training I've bought a crate for my GS and made it large enough for him to walk into fully. I've read that the dog should be able to fit in the crate very snuggly so I'm not sure if I set the size up correctly. If I shorten the cage, the pup will still be able to fit into the crate if he positions himself sideways, however he's not comfortable enough with the crate to do that on his own, in order for him to fit, I would have to move his hind legs in. Right now, the pup still prefers to sleep on my carpet. I plan on taking the dog on a 10-15 minute walk twice a day, until he gets older, so he can relieve himself. I reward him with compliments each time he relieves himself outside. I was wondering what's the best method for me to discipline my pup when he relieves himself indoors and how long it will take for the pup to be use to the crate.

As for heeling, the pup, for the most part, never tugs on the leesh. If he is ahead, I would stop and allow him to relax then continue with the walk. He's having issues with staying on one side though. He constantly changes sides during the walk and I was wondering how I could train him to not do this.

Finally for name recognition, I've been following the methods outlined in this video
. However, unlike the dogs in the video, my pup likes to lie down and not sit. I'm not sure if reinforcing him with his name while lying down will have a negative affect. Additionally, he can only carry the exercise for 3ish minutes. I'm not sure if I'm doing this properly.

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