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My first suggestion is a vet check up too. Our previous dog was hypothyroid, I read it can cause aggression, although it did not in her case.

How old is your daughter, and any chance your daughter behaves badly towards your dog when an adult is not around? Sorry to ask this, but I was a kid too with friends who were not always kind to their pets.

I grew up with a beagle who was food aggressive to everyone, we just let him alone when he ate. My most recent dogs had none of this. I've read to start hand feeding to help with food aggression, although I've never done it myself. Besides getting a really good trainer if there are not health issues, do you think having your daughter in the kitchen sitting quietly, ignoring your dog before feeding, then you do a very controlled hand feeding might help? If it does, than your daughter can start to hand feed treats and work up to a meal?
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