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3 year male old GSD - Suddenly aggressive towards child

Hello all,

I've tried to have look through various other threads.

Our male GSD is approximately 3 years old. Always very good with kids, was never food aggressive. We told our child to feed him, treat thim etc, Never any problems.

Over the last month or so he has become increasingly aggressive towards her. It started with a grumble or growl if she was near him when feeding. We instructed her not to bother him or annoy him while eating. However, this evening when I was preparing food he seemed to get aggressive as soon as she entered the kitchen, then pursued her while barking. I had to grab his collar to stop the behaviour. We let him cool down then I returned to the kitchen with my daughter again. He barked and growled.

Obviously this cannot continue. He responds well to training and is a lovely dog but I dont know why he is doing this or how to correct it. I would be very grateful for any advice.

Many thanks
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