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Tug - but be sure to let him win after a struggle of course. I use 2 tugs attached to 6ft leashes - my Sting waits on the down/stay - I walk out about 20 ft. holding both - when I lower my arm he charges right at the tug that I am scooting on the ground - when he grabs that - and bites - I pull then I quick drop and pick up the other one and so it goes. Act like prey and even growl - pretend you are both fighting over dinner That will make your dog bite down harder (wear thick gloves just in case ) - then after about 10 minutes or so really dig in - and when your dog is biting and pulling - release the tug - and walk away "defeated" - slouch your shoulders - then turn and praise your dog - now my Sting likes to take a "victory lap" with both tugs in his mouth - he then brings them to me and after he releases them - I give him a treat and a good rub down which he loves.

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